Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's Summer Time!!

It's Summer Time!!

May 26, 2007

FINALLY some nice warm weather that we can play in. Today we did just that. We pulled out her swimming pool and we all three went swimming!! It was a blast!!!! Lily did a great job "swimming" and loved being in the pool. She splahed and kicked her feet. She even let us put her in an inter-tube and float her all over the pool. Although her favorite part was falling into the water and getting all wet!!! She would just laugh all over herself!

Lily is showing what a great big sister she is going to be as we start preparing her room to make room for Evey. Lily has been a great helper by helping Momma reorganize the same area over and over and over again!! All we can do really is laugh about it because we truly believe she thinks that she is helping!!

We went over to Target today and while we were there we picked Lily up a tiny baby of her very own. You would have thought we gave her the world! All she has done tonight is carry the baby around saying 'baby' and giving her kisses and hugs! It is really cute!

Well off to bed now... tomorrow MORE SWIMMING