Monday, February 22, 2010

Ordinary Day

This is so incredibly true...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Conversations With the Girls

A while ago I was writing down chats with just Lily, because Charlotte really wasn't talking yet. Well, times have changed around here for sure here is a recent discussion.

I was letting out the dogs in the afternoon, I turned around and saw Charlotte standing on the back step, I came back into the house and she was giggling walking backwards...

C: Whoa (giggle giggle) whooooaaa Son Bitch!
M: Charlotte you CANNOT say that anymore it is a naughty word!
C: (hugs me around the leg) I sorry mommy, I so sorry.
M: It is ok but you just can't say that
L: (from the living room) what is wrong?
M: Nothing, we just cannot say naughty words..
L: What did Charlotte say?
M: Don't worry about it, worry about Lily ( I have been saying that a LOT lately!)
L: Oh she say Son of a Bitch again
M: DOh! (I couldn't help it I laughed- she caught me totally off guard) LILY PLEASE DO NOT repeat her! It is VERY naughty.
L: okay Mommy

At this point I was just about back in the living room I could see Lily playing

M: (trying to change the subject) Is Cinderella sleeping
L: Nope she died

After talking with her a little about what she thought dying really was, I was trying to figure out what she thought she knew

M: Lily where do you go when you die
L: (with the sweetest face ever) to the aquarium...
L: (she sensed my !!!) and changed her answer to the beach.

Sigh... we have a lot to work on!

Some fun Charlotteisms:

*When I wake her up from nap and she isn't ready she bats at me and says 'leave me alone'!
*Tonight she wiped her brow and said 'whew that was a close one!'
*She tells us she is 'mad at yous' crosses her arms and I swear she says 'humph' and turns her head!
*She sounds just like Ming Ming from Wonder Pets when she sings!
*She is VERY honest when she does not want to do something she quite frankly tell me 'no, mommy no thanks'
*Her favorite food is chicken nuggets
*She says 'no thanks' to anything green
*Sometimes when she laughs she sounds like an old man! Think Louie Armstrong
*When I change her diaper I always ask her when she is going to go potty on her tinker bell potty, she laughs and cry's out 'NEVER!'
* Two nights in a row she has waited for Lily (the informer) to go to sleep and has emptied out her wipe container
*One night Chris went into check on them, and found Charlotte with the huge lotion bottle in her bed. He asked what she was doing and again in her very frank way said 'I lotion my feet Daddy'
* One of the favorite games right now is Pirate, she squeals 'arrgh matey' and we walk the plank daily!

Everyday I wake up and wonder what Chris and I ever did without these girls in our lives! They do make life fun.... even if now and again it is a bit challenging!

An Ode to Gracie Puppy

Gracie Puppy, how do we love thee? We love thee through 2 laptop power cords, 1 pair of Chris' glasses, our sheets, CPAP mask, CPAP tubing, CPAP power cord, Blackberry power cord, cell phone ear piece, Valentine's candy, dog tie out, suitcase handle, belt, chewed off barbie hands, playdoh, 2 children's books, numerous toys, cardboard boxes, Chris' wallet, my wallet, $200 vet visit, and a mint plant.. insert your own joke here!

This is just what we can remember off the top of our heads. Gracie Puppy (her nickname given to her by Charley) is truly our Marley. She was discounted and everything! We should have known!!

Well, at least she is cute!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sailor Charlotte

Before I begin I wanted to put a small disclaimer on this post. The following story Chris and I are not proud of as parents and not something we are striving for. The only reason why it is getting told on here is because it is a priceless story...and it is REALLY funny.

Chris and I are far from prefect parents and part of that is not always using the appropriate language in front of the girls. It has gotten MUCH better over the years but slips do happen especially in the form of knee jerk reactions. Lily being the moral barometer that she is caught on quick that these are "naughty words" and will call us on it. We apologize and have a quick talk about not saying those words, nothing like being scolded by your 4 year old!

Charlotte however just doesn't get it yet, and has picked up from (Chris) us a bad habit. The first time I heard her say it, I didn't believe it. But there was no way it could have been anything else. Notice I said first time... yeah we are having a hard time breaking this.

So here it is... Every time she says 'Ouch' from getting hurt she follows it 80% of the time with a 'Son Bitch'. Sometimes we get the whole sentence sometimes just those two words. Now we have been on her about it. We thought it was getting better. We were at the Vet yesterday with Gracie (whole other story) and she said 'Ouch!' when she fell. Chris and I both just held our breath. Thankfully she ended it there.

Here is the priceless part, in the afternoon yesterday we were on our way to the pet store. Charlotte was playing with her doll in the back and pretended it was hurt this is the exchange we hear in the front:

C: Ouch SOB! SOB!
M&C: Charlotte do not say those words...
Lily: Mommy Charlotte is saying SOB...again.

M&C: <> We do NOT want to hear that anymore from either of you!
L&C: Otay!

So far so good today. It is very hard not to smile when she does say it though because it is very matter of fact. I told Chris he has turned our baby girl into Cartman from South Park... she needs a V Chip!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lily's Fairy Tale Day!

Long overdue video from Lily's special day at Disney! Enjoy!