Friday, January 30, 2009


Just a quick blog to let all of our cyber-buddies know that we are still around and kicking. Sorry it's been a while since we updated the blog, but with me (Chris) going back to college and a rampant bug that one of our fellow 11,000 plungers gave us we have been either to busy or to ill to write. Don't worry the kids are healthy and as ornery as ever, it was Megan and I who got the brunt of this epidemic, thankfully. Megan will be kidnapping the laptop tomorrow morning from my history paper in order to update the site. Check back tomorrow for more details and pictures from the plunge, birthday, etc.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here comes the bride...A story from big daddy

Well, it is official. As of this moment I am engaged to Lily. Let me back up a bit. Yesterday Lily informed Megan that she was going to marry me and that she can come visit. Megan simply nodded along and when asked her for some more details she said "Yes, you come visit me and we go to BJ's to get Pizza and Crocodiles. I'll be right back."

Tonight we were playing in the living room with her toys while Megan was at the store and Charlotte was busy chewing on something. Lily decided to take this time to make her move. She came over to me, sat on my shoulder and gave me a big old kiss. The she looked at me and simply asked, "You marry me daddy?" What can I say, I melted. Sorry Megan. :) I told her I would love to but why does she want to marry me. She promptly said with out missing a beat "You are my boy. You are my boyfriend, daddy." So there you have it.

On a more serious note, Lily is still not feeling well and is still vomiting. She seems to be getting better so we will continue a light diet with her and she how she does over the next day or so before we call the doctor. Got to run now, have to pick out table settings. Little Einsteins or Cinderella, oh the choices. :)


Friday, January 9, 2009


Until this year the girls have been too small to take out in the snow and honestly I don't think we had a decent snowfall last year. So this picture is from Feb 2006, Gus and Willie (Bean) LOVE the snow! This is Gus hanging out at the bottom of our yard. Happy Friday!


Apparently Lily and Charlotte are WAY behind in the times.

Don't they know that throwing up all over themselves, laptop, sofa and Mommy was SOOO 2008?!

Either that or Mommy and Daddy didn't realize that this is the year of the projectile vomiting child!

Tuesday and Wednesday Rdette got up from nap took two sips of juice and promptly threw up. Nothing more since. She is also teething so maybe that is part of the reason. Who knows.. We did tell her that she is an over achiever! She has met this quota for life now! But she just keeps on!

Yesterday Lily and I were hanging out on the sofa reading a book. She was laughing so hard because I was telling in the story in a funny voice. All of a sudden it happened, just think Linda Blair! It was crazy she had been fine not signs of anything being wrong.

Between running Lily back and forth to the bathroom, wiping tears, explaining to a very upset child for the 100th time she couldn't have anything to drink and Rdette waking up teething, in short it was a great night!

There was a funny part though... Chris and I traded sides of the bed. We do this when someone is sick. It is just quicker for me to be right next to the door. Normally the girls sleep through the night without a problem. If there is a problem Chris will get up and tend to it. I am not good at being nocturnal- at all. OK all of that to say..

At 1:30 I heard Lily getting sick again, my mind is screaming get up, my body isn't working. I finally force myself up. Then my body must have thought I was drunk and I stumbled out of the door with a focus of getting Lily to the bathroom and not dropping her. OMG I know I had to look like Jack Sparrow! Chris, after hearing me hit their bedroom door instead of opening it, met us in the hallway. He helped guide us into the bathroom to make sure we made it in one piece! When Lily was done we cleaned up her bed and get her all snuggled back down. Chris and I met back in the hallway and he starts singing "think thoughts think happy thoughts." at 2am! I just gave him the death stare and stumbled back into our bedroom.

As of this morning, Lily is doing better. They both got up much earlier then I thought they would considering the night they had (5:30). Lily was up first and was again REALLY mad that we didn't just hand over her cup. So far so good. We are just going to go slow today!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

2 Years Ago

When Chris and I left our home on Jan 8, 2007 at 4am there were many unknowns. We didn't have our Pink appointment set, but were given the option to go and maybe move things along. The only thing we knew for sure was at the end of the day we would FINALLY be with our baby forever.

I remember driving to the airport we were stopped at a red light. I looked over at Chris and said quite frankly, ' I am not leaving without her.' He saw that this wasn't a joke, that I fully intended to become a Guatemalan citizen if need be and reassured me that we would come home together. And we did. Maybe not on our time, but we came home.

Lily was brought to us around 6pm. When I remember that memory it always plays in slow motion. She was covered layers of pink from head to toe. Her little head was sweaty because of it all! She was soo very small in general. Gloria put her into my arms, I looked at her and told her 'see I told you I was coming back.' When we had to leave her 8 months earlier the last thing I whispered over a huge lump in my throat was 'this is not good-bye.'

That first night Chris spent two hours in the bathroom. She would cry the minute she saw him. After a while he just started inching out. She tolerated him more and more by the end of the night he stole her heart. There has never been a question that she is a Daddy's girl ever since.

Lily has blossomed into a beautiful, sweet, loving, funny little girl who (if you couldn't already tell) is loved beyond words.

Chats With Lily

Yesterday Lily asked if we could listen to music from the "puter". No problem. There is a song about Christmas that she loves and asks for it to be played first. Again no problem. When it was over she asked for it to be played again and we listened one more time then I let the next one play. She looked up and said "ohhh this sounds like a batamama (Guatemala) song. I then asked her if she wanted to hear the song about Guatemala (the one from her video) and she did. We started to listen and this is what was said...

L: this is my batamama song, you know Mommy where I was born

M:(shocked by how she articulated this) That is right, you know Luc if you ever have any questions about Guatemala Mommy and Daddy will tell you everything we know. Do you have any questions?

L: Yes


L: Yes I have 2. (shows two fingers)

M: OK what are they?

L: 3.

I was left dumbfounded but didn't push it. I just shook my head and gave her a big hug.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Little Trees

Let's start off with WAY overdue pictures from Lily's Birthday trip to Playwise Kids. This place is WONDERFUL! We had such a good time. Lily and Rdette could run and run and Chris and I could relax... there wasn't much Charzilla could destroy! Our kind-of place these days!

Lily getting ready to go down the big 'side'

Playing with Lily sized blocks! Charlotte liked that she could run into them!

This sand box is so big there is a actual boat in there!

Charzilla playing bumper carts!
Lily was the teacher and I was Cinderella!

Miss. C was really into the truck too! Daddy was in Heaven!

Our Big Girl!

Lily's birthday day was VERY nice. She liked it because we let her call the shots (ie very controlled options were offered!) We played at Playwise until lunchtime, then Rdette just couldn't hang! So we headed home. Daddy and Rdette enjoyed a nap and Lily and I went to do a little shopping and quick stop in the Party store for a balloon! You would have thought we bought her the world!
Her actual party will be on the the 17th of this month which is also a VERY special day.... It is our 2nd anniversary of her homecoming! Then the next day Big Daddy turns the big 30! A big weekend around here!
Her party theme.. oh my... It is honestly not what I thought she was ever in a million years would pick. You would think it would be Princess or Cinderella right?? Nope not even close. She wants Little Einsteins! Hence the music notes for the background. Do you know how hard it is to find ANYTHING party related for this, and not spend a zillion dollars? We finally did find a place. It came today in the mail. She was very excited! Then for her cake, I like to make their cakes, however... I am NOT even close to good enough to tackle craving a rocket ship, construct a stage! So I pulled in a little help with that in the form of an edible image. She got to pick it. It is obvious that she likes being involved with this.
Ohh this is funny... We asked her who was coming to her party, she told us 'my friends' we asked who her friends were and she named every single person in the family! Then we said who else do you want to come and she told us Santa. Chris and I looked at each other and very quickly told her that Santa only comes for one birthday and that is for Jesus. Her eyes got really big and she said 'ohhh Jesus come too?!' Chris and I looked at each other and realized we walked right into that one, and told her that Jesus was always here. Thankfully she got distracted and it ended there!
As for the title...
We thought that Lily was working up to a major meltdown. We can tell something is brewing with her because for a couple of days she is extra cuddly, and very sensitive. Then one last straw will fall and she has a huge meltdown and then goes right back to normal. This does not happen very often. Well she has been extra sensitive and has been acting out at bedtime. Totally unusual for her nowadays and it has been bad. Screaming, crying, it has been taking close to an hour or more to get her to sleep. Once she does she sleeps right through night. Last night was the worst, we took Charlotte out of her crib because she was so upset. Finally, between Chris and I we found out that she wanted to sleep, just not in her bed. In ours. Not even close to an option. I know some families that works great for, we are not one of them.
Once we got her to sleep Chris and I decided that she was no longer going to be able to get in our bed in the morning at all. We had been cuddling in there, and if fell back to sleep we would just let her sleep until she got up. This morning I got to break the news to her. Tears. Fun times.
Today her and I talked (more mommy talk, Lily play) something did get through. She said 'I have to think happy thoughts, like Gabba' (a nick Jr show-it is truly frightening to adults- think Barney cranked up to 1000-see I told you scary-she LOVES it). I jumped right on that idea. Told her that she could even sing the song at bedtime if she got scared.
Tonight on the monitor we heard
Tink thoughts (sniff-hiccup)
tink happy (sniff) thoughts
that what (hiccup) you gotta do (sniff, sniff).
It sounded like that painter from TV Happy Little Trees....
Ya know what I am proud to report that in the morning we are going to be having a no crying at bedtime party! She did it! Even better she did while Rdette took a turn screaming tonight. She is teething her final 4 molars. More fun times!
As for Miss C... I am worried about her. Chris and I will support these girls in anything they want to venture in. However.. after what I saw at the doctor yesterday I can no longer stand by that statement. I think Rdette has a future in Female, shoot Male wrestling! She is going to be the next Lady of the WWE Charlotte the Crusher!
I took the girls to the doctor yesterday, Lily had a sore on the inside of her mouth I wanted to make sure was just a ulcer and not an abscess. It was, she should be fine in a few days. As I know I have mentioned on here before I love their doctor, but she runs behind 115% of the time. I have learned over time to bring toys, snacks, and my don't even think I'll let you do that again eyes.
Apparently Rdette doesn't really care if I pulled my eyes out of my head. This child... there was a stool in the room. I did let them pull it out to pat like a drum. Does she not reach under and turn this stool completely over! Then she learned how to open the door I had to shut because she was running. OMG it truly was hysterical!! Lily was laughing so hard her she couldn't even breath. Which is only encouraging Rdette and now she is laughing. I looked at Lily and tell her not to laugh, but then I see how hard she is laughing and I can't control it cracked up!
When we got into the car there was a song playing that I really do relate to right now. I think it is called "Your Gonna Miss This" and I know I will.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Lily!

Dear Lilliana,

OK I must have deleted the first line of this letter at least a dozen times. It is just so hard to know where to start. There is so much to say. As you grow you will understand why your Daddy and I cherish yours and your Sisters' birthday. Each for the same but for very different reasons.

From the moment we saw your sweet face we just knew. It was something that I still can't explain. Only two days before we were handed the worst news of our lives. Somehow though we just knew it was going to be OK and that you were to be our Daughter. You were 13 days old, so small and fragile just like a Lily Flower: hence your name. We didn't get to see you with your eyes open until two months later. We prayed every night for you to grow and for you to somehow know how much we loved you. Each night before we would go to bed we blew out your candle, kissed your picture and told you we were coming. We did this for 353 days.

Now fast forward two years. Ya' know the saying is true... time does fly when you are having fun! The year we waited not so patiently for you feels like a lifetime ago. The two years you have been home have flown by. Daddy and I try to hang onto every little thing you do trying to memorize it. We know that you aren't always going to be this cute! You remind me of this with each stomp of a foot, that I am SURE you are going to make a great teenager!

Right now at 3 you are an angel with just a little spice. Sweet and Sassy as we like to call you. Something you did in the tub the other night I want to make sure I put in this letter. Santa brought you guys really neat rubber ducks for the tub that light up when they are in the water. You lined them all up declared that Daddy was the biggest one, I was a smaller one, and you the other. Poor Charlotte ended up as the walrus. While this doesn't seem like a huge thing to remember for a birthday letter it really is. It is all the proof I need that you don't feel different from us. You are a duck just like Mommy and Daddy and like any other good Big Sister, your Little Sister is the extra wheel. It is normal and a moment that I will never forget.

Our sweet Lily, on your 3rd birthday we wanted you to know that you and your sister are the very best parts of us- some of the ornery too I guess. For your smile, hear you laugh, or just to see that look in your eyes we would give you the world.

You are our Best Brown eyed friend!

We love you as high as the sky, as deep as the ocean, it will never end.

We love you forever and ever and bunches!

Happy Birthday!

Mommy and Daddy

FFF- Favorite Photo of the Year!

This just about sums up our girls...angels.