Friday, October 26, 2007

Sorry for the delay...

in the updating. As some of you already know the last week and a half have been less then fun. Last Wednesday I had to go back to the ED because I started running a 101.5 fever and I had a hard bump on the left side of my c-section incision. I called my OB and he told me to get right over to the ED to be looked at. We got there and they took me right back his called and told them I was on my way. The doctor there told me that he wanted to open it up and let it drain out. They ended up giving me a 4 inch deep hole over my left hip to get it all out. I had to have a cat scan to make sure that the infection hadn't gotten any where else, thankfully it didn't. They were thinking about keeping me but as the tests kept coming back good they said I could go home. The next morning I got a call from my OB office and told me that they were going to try to set up home health to come out and help train Chris to change my dressing. I have to have it re-packed every other night. Long story short they weren't able to get someone out here so Chris and I had to go back to the ED over the weekend to get it changed. When I saw my OB on Monday he gave a script for the packing and I told him that I would train Chris myself how to do it b/c we weren't going back to the ED again. He also said that I could take a real shower and leave the house!! The ED had me pretty much on house arrest until I saw him. Since then Chris is thankful that I can shower again and has been doing the dressing changes and I am feeling much better. Everyone is doing much better. Chris is back to work this week. We go back to see my OB in another week to check in. Until Chris will continue to play nurse... and for those who know Chris know that the jokes just keep coming... Although there is no joking while he is doing the packing he gets all sweaty and upset. It is really sweet, not that he is upset but that he is that afraid to hurt me.
On a happy note Charlotte has gained wt! She is up to 8 lbs 3 oz!! Both girls have cleared up their colds.. thank goodness! Lily is a great big sister, there has been a little regression, she doesn't think she can walk anymore LOL!! I think on the whole though she is doing great with the new little being in the house. She loves to try to feed her and whenever she finds a diaper she try's to put it on her baby dolls. Tonight she helped me make bottles... yes I said bottles (I haven't been able to breast feed b/c of all of the meds I have been on. I am afraid that I might poison her. We are going to try again once I am sure everything is gone until then it is formula. Please know that this is a very sensitive subject for me as I REALLY wanted to breast feed. I will let it known if and when we are able to breast feed again. I just ask that no one bring it up to me.) Lily also helped with Charlotte's bath time she loves to help lotion her and putting on her diaper. She can't quite say Charlotte so she calls her CharDette!! It is so sweet to watch them together! What is even better is when they both want to snuggle with Momma... nothing better in the world!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Our Family is Complete!!

As many of you already know on Friday Oct 5, 2007 @ 3:16pm we welcomed our daughter Charlotte Mae into the world via c-section! She is 7lbs 6oz and 19.5 inches long, she has her Daddy's blonde hair and blue eyes! She is so beautiful! Everything went as planned with the c-section. We were able to come home on Monday and have spent the week healing and getting used to having the two most beautiful daughters in the world!!! Mommy is just still a little sore but other then that doing great! Daddy is having a very hard time keeping her in a chair! LOL We feel incredibly blessed that everything in the end turned out just as is should have. We have a daughter who grew in our hearts, and one that grew in my belly. We could not ask for anything more then that!

Ok update time....

Lily is adjusting well... for a toddler! Naaa she is doing very well with all the changes. We are trying to keep everything in her schedule exactly the same and that is helping. She loves her sister and doesn't like it at all when she crys. She loves to hold her on her lap, and wants to hold her bottle so bad but every time we put Charlotte on her lap while we are feeding her she will touch the bottle but she won't hold it. But you can tell she REALLY wants to! Chris and I are trying to each find time throughout the day to give her extra time with us w/out the baby. My mom is also staying with us to help transition. That has been extremely helpful!

Charlotte is doing great for 7 days old! We had to go the doctor today b/c she started with a little cough and runny nose. Her doctor doesn't think that it is too much to worry over. We have to go back to see her again on Monday for her real check-up. She has returned to her birth weight and the doc says she looks great. She is a great baby and only really gets upset when it is time to eat. We are doing ok on the breastfeeding front. I am going to pump and give it to her that way as a supplement.

Before I sign off...

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to someone who I just adore and love with all of my husband. Chris has been next to me every step of this adventure. His strength has gotten us through some pretty dark days in these past 3 years. It is hard for anyone to understand what we have been tested with and yet here we stand still strong and actually better despite the storms. He is a wonderful husband and Daddy for his girls. I am proud to be his wife. Chris thank you for putting up with my hormones, thank you for my babies, and thank you for loving me for all these years. You are my best friend. Everyday I just fall more in love with you.