Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

OK, not for another 6 weeks or so; BUT this weekend my hubby got me the present that I had wanted for some time, but always seem to miss the boat on. Ya wanna know what it is?! You know that you do....

On September 23 (also our 13th dating anniversary-total geek I know :-) @ 8pm, Chris and I are going to see Alantis Morissette- one of my most absolute favorites!! I <3 her!

I don't normally ask for anything this big but this is the year that I cross over to the BIG 3-0!
:-0 We both do actually ( I just go first! ) and we wanted to do something nice and not spend too much money! He is now thinking up what he would like to do! I am going to be counting down the days until we get to go!

The last time I went to a concert for my birthday I got to go see Paul McCartney! Now THAT was an awesome present. He is #1 and she is my#2 favorite. Crazy I know, but that is just who I am. In my IPod at this very moment I have a playlist that includes, The Beatles, Alantis Morissette, Metallica, and Mercy Me! Oh and not to be forgotten Barry Manilow and Madonna!

Today's word of the day kids is: eclectic!

Chris really doesn't 'get it', he is just along for the ride most times. He always laughs when I he listens to a CD I have made. A common comment is that 'you are the only I know that would have Guns N' Roses and Steven Curtis Chapman playing back to back!!' I smile back and say something about being very well rounded! I hope that girls will also have a great love for music, all kinds. From the post below you can see Lily is already on her way!!


Need I say more!?!?!

***** Remember to pause the music at the bottom first!!!


Me oh my! The Panty Princess came tonight while we were having dinner. She left a brand new Princess potty and Elmo panties! Lily is over the moon excited!

A little back story-

We were going to wait until tomorrow night to summoned the Panty Princess. However, Lily has been doing great these past few days. Today she remained dry in real panties ALL day! Everyday she has just gotten the idea more and more.

Today we had one hiccup, she ran to the bathroom yelling "Potty, potty!" I was cleaning up breakfast and told her to get started and that I was coming. I asked if she was pooping- it was her normal time of day. She told that she was and sounded excited. I finished what I was doing and turned the corner into the bathroom. There I saw her standing in front of her potty looking a little sheepish. I looked down and saw that she had pooped in the bathroom but NOT in the potty! Opps! I got everything cleaned up and gave her a new pair of panties. I was unsure what exactly happened! After that incident she would yell potty run in and pee like a champ!

We are going to her have wear a pull-up at night and during nap. As of tonight she is no longer a diaper wearer!! We are going to be brave and take it one day at a time. She does seem so much more ready this time. So I think we are on the right track!

Back to the arrival of the Panty Princess (AKA Chris!). We had talked and decided that we were going to do it tonight. After dinner I kept the girls at the table and Chris disappeared for a few minutes. When he got back I got up to get the camera. On my way back to the kitchen I stuck my head in the bathroom, then I looked at Lily with a really excited expression and said " Lily! I think someone came while we were having dinner!! I think the Panty Princess came!!" The longer I talked the wider her eyes! She was up and out of her seat and ran into the bathroom! She wanted to wear her new Elmo panties to bed.

The great thing is that Charlotte was having a hard time falling asleep so Chris was in their room a few extra minutes tonight. Lily sat up and said "potty Daddy potty!" He scooted her right out of the bedroom and she went and pee'd again!!

Good job BIG GIRL!!!

Going to go check out what is in the bathroom!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A weekend in pictures!

These are the pictures that Grandpa and Grandma while at camp this weekend with Lily! They are great! I still don't know who had more fun ;-)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

So sleepy

That is the best way to describe the girls tonight! They both fell asleep on the way home about 5 mins after leaving Grandpa and Grandma's house! We got them home and put them in bed it. It is surreal that they are even back home since they came in and were already sleeping.

We picked up Rdette first. We were later then we thought we were going to be because of the pipe. She was all smiles! It took her a minute to warm back up with Chris, but it was just a minute and he had her laughing! She had a great time and was already exhausted from the playtime there! Thank to her Fairy God Mother, Maina, and Joe for letting our princess come to play!

Lily was too funny when we got to Chris's parent's house. She looked star struck when she saw us! She ran right over to get big hugs and kisses. She had such a good time. Grandpa said she talked ALL the way home!! Elmo's World Theme song was heard numerous times. I thought it was really sweet that she asked them several times about Rdette. She even sang Rdette's song!! And the biggest news of all is that she asked to use the potty ALL weekend! I think we are on to something here! :-) Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for taking such great care of our girl and for not letting any Dingo's eat my baby!! LOL

We had dinner with Grandpa and Grandma and then headed home. Chris's car seems to be much better. Thanks to Grandpa for helping out with that! So we took two cars. I had the girls in the van. We didn't even make it to the second traffic light before they both were out! I am glad that we thought ahead and changed them into their PJ's before we left.

Now the house is quiet and I am off to bed! I do have one more thing to share but I am getting the evil eye from Mr. Henry ;-) so I will save that until tomorrow!!

Stop the presses!!!

This morning I was writing this great post in my head while I was finishing the carpets. It was full of 'it looks so great' and 'yeah it is all baby proofed now!' and 'we got it all done!'

Never once did I think I would be using words like, pipe, water, mess. Or sentences like, What do you mean there is water leaking from the ceiling in the basement?! Or Why can I see the floor through the drain in the kitchen sink?!

Long gone is that sunshine, and love post. This is our reality! LOL

We had cleaned out the sink in the kitchen and were using it to dump out the yucky water from the carpet (gross I know). This works the best for us and I always triple clean the sink once we are done. Well somehow something got stuck in the drain and Chris used the plunger to clear it. He says that he didn't push it too hard. ;-)

He cleared the drain and went back to picking up the kitchen for me while I finished up. After a while he went down stairs to put a new load of laundry in the washer. The carpet cleaner is pretty loud, but I heard him run up the stairs yelling that a pipe must have burst because the ceiling in the basement has water running from it freely! He opened the cabinets under the sink and gets looking around. I by that time had come around the corner and peering into the sink. I noticed that I could see through the drain hole into the cabinet!!

He REALLY did cleared the drain!!! The pipe had come out of the drain and was hanging there. Oh my! The water that was coming out of the ceiling was the yucky water from the carpet. Everyone all together "EWWWWWWWWWWWW" it is ok, I am totally grossed out by it all!

Long story short, it is fixed, the cabinet is dry, and Chris is still denying that he pushed too hard!

Oh BTW, the house looks/smells great, it is totally baby proofed!

Friday, July 25, 2008

A First

Last night we dropped Lily off with Grandma and Grandpa for a fun filled weekend of camping! We were there for a while because Chris was getting help from his Dad fixing his brakes. We had dinner and then we said good-bye. That is ALWAYS so much harder on us then it is for her. Last night that was only compounded because she was tired and it was well past bedtime before we left. Her little lip trembled just a little, but is was enough to make the corners of my eyes burn as they started to tear. We gave her big hugs and kisses and she said "Mommy Daddy right backt" and we told that we would be right back and she was going to have a great time. Then Grandma wisked her into the bathroom to get her teeth brushed.

We made it out without any loud protests (from me or her :-)! Chris and I drove home in one car. The back brakes went on great but there is something wrong with a piston?. Thankfully it won't cost much to repair but Chris cannot drive the car because it might catch on fire. When he told me that I told him that there was NO way he was driving it home then (we were 45 mins from home) because that has the makings of a Chris and Megan story! So his car is still in Joppa and will remain there until he and his Dad gets the brakes right. Fun times!

We drove home in the van with Miss. Charlotte who protested very VERY loudly ALL the way home. Once we got her home and settled in with a bottle it only took about 15 mins for her to fall asleep. That brings me to my title A First.

Today is the very first day in Charlotte's 9.5 month existence that she and I have been alone all day. I must say it has been very nice. Not that I don't miss Lily, there is huge hole in my heart and this house. I know that she is in great hands with two people who adore her. It is just nice to be able to listen to Charlotte babble and coo, even the screeching isn't as bad.

This morning she got up a little earlier then I thought that she would with getting to bed so late. I got her and her bottle and we snuggled on the couch. We BOTH ended up falling asleep! Just all snuggled together. Then we got up and got some breakfast, I think that she likes having all of my attention as well. She helped me unfold some of the clothes I was folding and crawled all around my feet. We had lunch and now she is napping.

Lily isn't the only one going on an adventure this weekend. Charlotte has a weekend getaway too! This evening my Aunt Tracy is coming to pick her up, and tomorrow they are headed to a birthday party! We love to share our babies with the people that love them. I have also learned the hard way to take the breaks when they are offered. I know that is also in great hands with people that adore her. So I am truly able to relax.

This isn't going to be a play weekend for Chris and I we are going to be little worker bee's getting things done around here that just aren't possible with the girls home. Shampoo the carpets and gets some things organized are on the list of things to get done.

Oh a quick Lily and the potty update... I really don't think that her doctor gave her the 2nd Hep A injection. I think she gave her big girl juice of something! She has been actively asking to go to the potty and several days this week she has had dry pull-ups in between potty trips! We are still going to have the Panty Princess come next Thursday night though. She is over the moon excited about that!!

Grandma also just called and Lily sounded so happy. I could here her in the backseat saying "Mommy away!" She has been treating them to her singing. Elmo's world has been a favorite this morning! They are on their way right now to the camp! Have fun my sweet baby girl!!! :-)

FFF - Friends

For this week the theme is "Friends". Enjoy!!

Lily and Charlotte's first meeting!
Sisters=Lifetime friends

Lily was a little unsure of this new person!

This was taken the day Charlotte was born. I can't get over
how much they have changed!

TROUBLE... ;-)

At the Zoo!

Playing at a friends birthday party!

Playing dress up!

To see more FFF from other great families check out

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Chris and I had a first in our marriage! Last night we snuck out and spent the night at a hotel! :-) We haven't stayed alone in a hotel room since our honeymoon!

My sister drove all the way up to bring Jewel back home and was going to stay the night at friends house. Before they left I was joking and asked if the girls could go with them. It snowballed from there.

We put the girls to sleep and went over everything and were gone. In my rush to clean up the house and get everything for the girls done I left the house and didn't pack a thing!! Chris on the other hand packed like we were going away for a month! I had pulled things out, they didn't make it into the bag! Once I realized it I was not going back!

We got to the hotel and checked in, then we went out to dinner. It was very nice and MUCH needed couple time. We talked and could hear each other, we slept IN! Past 6am! We slept in the same bed. Jewel had slept with me in our bed for the time she was here. Chris was awesome and stayed on the couch- yes for two weeks! He is SUCH a good man! We had a great time! It was wonderful!!

While we were at dinner we were talking and I told Chris about a commercial ( I think it was one of those 'priceless' ones) about a couple who have been married for 8 years, who had a do not disturb sign on their hotel room. We hadn't been married that long when I first saw it, and I remember thinking how great that would be.

Here is my version:

Hotel stay $101
Dinner for two $28
Late night trip to supermarket for everything wife forgot to pack $11
Still wanting to put the 'Do Not Disturb' on the door after 8 years married and two kids...


Thank you Maggie and Danielle for keeping our babies safe and sound!

What does this look like to you?

Does it look like a baby that is starving? Because apparently she is! :*(
The girls had their well baby checks on Friday and while we were going over milestones her doctor asked how much she is eating and I went over her schedule. She said we were right on track with her 24 oz of formula but that she should be at 3 full meals a day by now! She is only on two breakfast and dinner. She said that she was surprised that she didn't want more! The first thing I thought was that we had failed her! :*( The Mommy guilt isn't ever going to go away is it?
When we got home I told Chris that going to the well baby checks were like having our parenting evaluated by the doctor. It really is... we are interviewed, our work (their growth) is checked over, and either we pass or fail. Today, other then then fact that Charlotte apparently needs a sponsor (for just .20 cents a day) we did pretty good.
The final weigh in was Lily gained 4 LBS and a full inch! She is now ON the charts in the 25% much MUCH better then in the past when she wasn't even on the dang chart! She is now 27 lbs and is 33 3/4 in!
Charlotte came in at 21.13 lbs and 27 inches! She gained but more at a normal rate. She is now allowed to eat pretty much anything (in reason) and still no nuts, peanuts/butter, or honey. So we were brave this weekend and gave her a little more big girl food and she has been doing great so far. She goes back for her one year appointment in October!
She told us to a little more brave with Lily and the potty training. That is the only thing that she is lacking, to be a full fledged member of the big girl club. So the weekend after next the Panty Princess is coming to bring Lily panties and a new Blinged out potty. We are going to take all the panties we already have and re-gift them from the Panty Princess, and we are going to give the Princess her diapers. We have been talking to her about this for a few weeks now. So she knows it is coming and with Jewel being here and her being a big girl using the potty it has helped. She asked to go today and didn't tell me that she had already pooped. Big mess. At least she recognized that she SHOULD have gone.
We are holding off one more week because she is going on her first trip with her Grandma and Grandpa (Chris's parents). They have a camper and wanted to take her along for a weekend. She is going to have so much fun! We were talking about it today and we told her she was going on an adventure. She looked up and said 'Dora!!!' Just like Dora baby!

Raise your hands

I cannot be the only blogging Mommy that does this...

Please tell me that someone ANYONE creates posts in their head during the day! I must "write" a thousand a day. There is ALWAYS something that makes me start. A cute interaction between the girls is the biggest catalyst for it. The other day this happened with Jewel at lunchtime. We were talking about getting ready to go home and that she would see her Mommy, Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop soon. Lily nowadays gets stuck on a specific thing in a conversation and will repeat it over and over and over and over again. It is almost like her record gets caught! She kept saying Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop.

Then Jewel piped up and said "I like my Mom-Mom."
Me-that is great!
J: Yeah she isn't like the other Mom-Mom's
M(praying this isn't going anywhere I don't want it to go) I don't understand
J: You know the other ones
M: I must have looked totally confused
J: you know the one with white hair
M:ROFL (on the inside) ok
J: I don't like them, I like that she has brown hair. Can I have a cheese stick too?
M: (still ROFL) you got it babe!

I knew from that moment she started that I was going to blog about that. How could you not!! LOL

It happens all the time. Chris even knows when I am. He says it looks like I am downloading!! I am just trying so hard to remember!

Full House

Do you remember that show? I was around the age of DJ while it was on. That show was amazing, it solved all the problems in the matter of 8 minutes at the end of the show. This is where the characters learned the error of their ways. The music would get a little quiet while the wise parent explained why they made a bad choice. Not sure how 'wise' Bob Saget, and crew really were. At 9 or so they were!

I got to thinking about that show after a day filled with time outs and crying (from child and parent!). Each time she was brought out we took a few minutes to ask her why she was sent. She tells us and we tell her why that wasn't a good idea, or just not a nice girl thing to do. After she is told we ALWAYS tell her that we love her and hugs and kisses are given. Just like Full House!

When Chris got home I told him that all that was missing from our time out routine was the quiet music!! LOL

Summer Pictures!

I call this SUCCESS!!
All 3 looking at the right time!! LOL
She looks just like Robert De Niro!
So Lily...silly girl!

So pretty :-)
Lily wants to EVERYTHING Jewel does!

The look on Jewel's face is priceless!! -
Oh and Charley did hit the floor again...
Gravity is not this child's friend!

Lovin the piggies!!

Chris thinks this looks a little too much like a certain Manger!!

Pretty girls!!

Two peas in a pod! They are going to be TROUBLE in a few years!! :-)Our baby is getting so BIG!!
What happens when a 2 year old is asked to say cheese!!

This time we DID NOT use our bed!! I did these one day in the girls' room on the floor. They LOVE photo shoot day! Mommy does too... it is just a lot of work. But when they turn out this well it is ALL worth it!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We are finishing up our great 2 week visit with Juice. I love to see Lily and Jewel play together, it reminds me of how young Lily still is! Jewel is so patient with her, she has a great mothering instinct. Yesterday she asked if she could get Lily a cup of water. I told her it was fine. She went over to Lily got down on her level and told her step by step what she was going to do, and not to "worry, because I am coming right back. Ok?" It was so sweet!

They are good for each other for so many reasons. Jewel helps Lily pick the perfect outfit when playing dress up, and helps me encourage her to use the potty. Lily helps Jewel cut loose a little, they dance, and sing together. Don't get me wrong we have had moments of to much togetherness. Mostly, it has been with Lily and the fact that she is two and feeling a little in the middle. Luckily we realized that early on and have made adjustments to make sure she has a little alone with Chris and I each day. That has helped immensely. Charlotte is enjoying the extra attention from the two big girls. Jewel likes to help her, and Lily likes to do everything Jewel is doing. It really has been a good time!

Today we are having a down in the house day. There are runny noses everywhere, and with that comes crabby pants. It is just not a good day to be out in public alone with three of them.

Chris is off this Friday and we have plans for Jewel's going home "celebration" (we told her we could have a little party on her last day and that night she told her Mommy she that we were going to have a celebration just for her!!). I am going to go out tonight (all by MYSELF- run Mommy run!!) and pick up a photo album for Jewel and give it to her on Friday. I have taken a TON of pictures so we are going to give her that to remember everything that we have done.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Prayers Please- Update!!

I am unable to give a lot of information because I am bound to protect her privacy, however if you could say a prayer today for my angel friend 'C' I would be grateful. Today is an important yet extremely scary day for her and her family as she undergoes a rare and risky surgery.

Thank you,


@ 9:10pm my angel 'C' is out of surgery, she had been in since about 730 this morning. Good news has already come. They have determined that the tumor is not cancer, and they were able to remove all of it from her brain! Please keep her in good thought and prayers as they are still unsure what if any deficits she may now have.

She is doing great! She had a MRI this afternoon and the doctors aren't seeing anything to point the radation at! Who couldn't ask for more then that! :-)She is talking and doing great...considering this time yesterday she was having a brain tumor removed!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Taking a minute...

We are still here and back to normal. We have had a busy week as the girls' have had a guest! Their Cousin Juice!! She has been with us since last week and is going to be staying until next weekend. She is a very good girl and a great helper. But by the time they go to bed at night all I want to do is crash!! I am going to update here in bullets since every time I have tried to write...well it is just easier this way!!

July 4th- The afternoon was quiet as we had to keep Charlotte in and down for the day. I think someone forgot to let Charlotte in on this! As soon as we got home and she napped she was totally back to normal! I took Lily over to get her fish. We got two and she named them both Dorothy- just like Elmo! We got them home and all set up she got to watch them as we had dinner. She really liked them!

Less then 48 hours later the first of the Dorothy's die.

Sunday Juice is here!! We did some errands and played in the pool. Lily is so tired by it was time to go to bed she fell asleep on her bedtime story!

Monday-Wednesday- enjoy our time with Juice. We went to the playground, went swimming, played in the back yard, dropped Megan's cell phone in the pool, sang songs,made crafts, moved the remaining Dorothy off of the kitchen table to make room for the new table, fished out the toy that was dropped into the tank later that afternoon, tried not to laugh while scolding Lily for dropping toy, watching a heart warming moment when she went back into the kitchen to hug and kiss the tank and tell Dorothy that she was orry.

Wednesday night Chris brought home our new kitchen table! Wahoo!!

Thursday- was informed by Lily that "shhh Dorothy sleeping" knowing that is never a good sign followed her into the kitchen to find Dorothy # 2 taking the 'long nap'... crap. I explained that yes Dorothy was taking a nap and that we needed to leave her alone. Had to call Juice into the room by herself explain in 6 year old language what happened, and that it was ok to be upset.

Chris got home and I was exiled from of the house. I think the wild look in my eyes bought my ticket out! I went on a hunt for a new cell phone. mine will work- if it is plugged in the wall... kinda defeats the whole 'moblie' aspect of the phone. I bought a new battery but it is not helping. We are going to take it all back to the store this weekend to have the phone itself looked at to see if can be fixed. I also completed a parenting first for me, I stopped at the fish store for a replacement Dorothy... keeping count we are now up to 3 fish in the span of a week.

Got home, get the fish situated, we came back to check on it before we went to bed and guess what? Yup another one bit the dust! ARGH!! Chris and I decided that we are done with fish for a while. We gave Dorothy III a grand burial at sea, cleaned out the fish tank and put it outside.

Juice knew that we had gotten another fish, so this morning I had the task of yet again explaining things in 6 year old language and again reassuring her that it is ok to be upset. Thankfully Lily only asked once about her fish and I told her that she was having a sleepover with Elmo. She is only two and I will have more then enough times to break her heart when things like this happen.

Tomorrow we are going to brave DC and go to the National Zoo!! The big girls are very excited, Charlotte just wants to be anywhere there is a teething ring and food.

So there it is I think I am totally caught up.

FFF -Red, White and Blue

This week's theme is Red, White, and Blue. Since I have yet to post the pictures because of the fall this is great timing! Enjoy!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

The price of the perfect picture- Happy 4th of July

This year is going to be different. I have been chanting this for the past few days. Last year it was less then fun it involved a day of arguing between Chris and I (hormones were on overdrive), oh yeah, and an ugly family fall out. Let's say it again shall we... This year was supposed to be different.

We had a great plan... get up, get through the morning routine (including Charlotte's nap) load the girls in the car and head to Sandy Point (local beach). Plan in the sun and sand, a first for both girls. Head home have a nice cook out and maybe sparklers tonight. Sounds like good'ol family fun right?

We got to get up before the plan changed. We woke up to a yucky sky and the threat of rain on and off. If the girls were a little older we probably would kept the plan on track. But, trying to get a 2 year-old to understand that we have to leave as soon as we get somewhere wasn't going to fly. So we put the beach to next weekend and were going to go out shopping for a new kitchen table.

By this time it was already time for Charlotte's morning nap. Once she woke up we put the girls in their matching 4th of July dresses and started to take some pictures on our bed.

This is where it all goes terribly terribly wrong :*(

The photos were going great and we were just taking fun pictures when the unthinkable happens. In the blink of an eye, even less then that Charlotte rolled off our bed and hit the floor. Chris and was taking a picture of Lily and I was fixing the sheet while Charlotte crawled around on the bed(a completely normal thing). Chris was watching her, she just got to the edge and misplaced her hand and down she went. Chris and I have a poster bed that sits high off the floor at least 2 1/2 to 3 feet.

When she landed she was at my feet. We still aren't sure if she hit her head on the fan base. It was just too close to tell. She started screaming, I instantly picked her up and held her to me. We tried to call her Ped but the calling service was just taking too long to answer so Chris called 911. They tell him to keep her as still as possible and to keep her on her back. So I laid her back on the bed and she started trying to fall asleep. I kept making her wake up. Poor Lily, her little eyes were so big. All she kept saying was 'Mommy sad'

It seemed like forever until the ambulance got here. They came in and Charlotte started screaming even harder. They wanted to take her to the ER to get looked at just to be sure. They brought in a baby back board and strapped her to it. Oh my. I have never heard her scream like that. It became like The Twilight Zone. Chris and I stood there as our hearts were braking, not able to do anything. But tell her it was going to be OK, neither of us knowing at that point if we were lying to her.

They took her out to the ambulance and I rode with her. A first for me-not fun don't recommend it. Chris took Lily across the street to our neighbors house. Chris said as he was knocking on their door Lily just lost it and started yelling 'Mommy, Rdette' over and over again. Thank God for these wonderful ladies, they took Lily in without hesitation, made her feel at home and took wonderful care of her until we got home. We knew that she was in great hands.

Chris made it to the hospital just as they were about to wheel her to x-ray, and Cat scan. She was miserable. They wouldn't (rightfully so) UN-board her until they made sure nothing was wrong. They wouldn't let us go into x-ray or cat scan. We stood outside the door. It is truly a horrible feeling listening to your baby panicked and screaming and you can't get to them. I had to make myself stand there literally stand there.

They took us back the ER room as we waited for the results of the scans. Chris and I each held her tiny hand and we sung "her song" to her over and over again. Finally she started to calm down, and started to try to sleep again. We were told that she could. As soon as she fell asleep the doctor came in she woke up and started screaming again. At least this time we were told that everything looked OK. We could hold her again. Once we did she completely relaxed. The doctor told us to watch her overnight and rouse her every few hours. She also said the scariest thing I have ever heard. She was apologizing for making her stay on the back board for so long. Then she went on to say that they didn't want take her off until they were sure she was fine and that they had been making plans to fly her to Shock Trauma if need be! Chris and I silently thanked Jesus that this didn't have to happen.

We got her home and went to get Lily who was very happy to see us. Once we got in the house the day's events really caught up with Lily. She had a total meltdown. We couldn't be out of her sight. I pulled her onto my lap and asked her if I looked happy or sad. She told me happy. Then I asked her if Charlotte looked happy, again she told me happy. Chris and I told her how brave she had been, how proud of her we were and that we ALWAYS come back and that we would never ever leave her. That seemed to be exactly what she needed to hear.

I will tell our tale of the afternoon in another post. Yes this all happened before noon!

For now our babies are happy and sleeping peacefully. My motto now is 'Next year is going to be better, it has to be!'