Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas Time!!!

After a WONDERFUL first Thanksgiving all together the holiday season has begun at the Henry house. Lily helped with the tree last night we finished while she was sleeping and this morning she had quite a surprise waiting for her. Today we were going to put the lights on the outside of the house but we wanted to get out and about a little so we went to the Festival of Trees in Timonium. It benefits Kennedy Krieger (a hospital for special needs hospital) a population near and dear to my heart. We had never been before and it was better then I could have ever expected! We left our house @ 1100 and didn't get home until 4!!! Lily didn't even make it out of the parking lot before she totally crashed out. Charlotte slept through most of the day (she is my little butterball these days!! )she only woke up to eat. Mostly the event is a HUGE craft show but in the back was SANTA LAND!! OMG!! This was Lily's wonderland! Santa is already a Rock Star in this house these days so to have an entire area devoted to Christmas in general all I can say is wow!! We rode the Merry go Round, a Pony (well it looked more like a donkey!!) and

Last Friday we went to the Columbia Mall and got to see SANTASTIC (jazz hands)! Yes I said Santastic again OMG! It was the arrival of Santa at the Mall but really it was more like Chris meeting the entire cast of Star Trek all at the the same time!! LOL those kids went CRAZY!! Lily was in Santastic overload. The great thing is that they gave out fast passes with the time you were due back to see Santa. Ours was 730 we were able to get dinner and go back without too long of a wait. Lily was able to send out both her and Charlotte's letter to Santa in a special box that actually blows cold air and snow when it opens. She pushed the Naughty or Nice button....(that was a cliff hanger!!) and of course she has been a very good girl this year! Then the moment this child has been talking about for the past week. Chris and I started working with her early so that she wouldn't be afraid of him. She did great! She told him thank you when we were leaving and blew him a kiss! I will be posting (proud new Mommy) the best Santa picture ever taken here on the blog in a couple of days. It is going out as our Christmas card so I don't want to ruin the surprise!! Charlotte was a trooper and didn't cry either..... I think that had a lot to do with her sleeping through it!!

Quick general update... Lily girl had been sick for about 8 days with some weird stomach flu. She would only toss her cookies once a day. We never knew when this was going to happen so it was like playing Deal or No Deal at meal time (deal Lily deal!! LOL)!! Well apparently the thing she needed to get better was for us to pay her co-pay at the doctor. As soon as that happened everything went back to normal. But honestly we would have done anything at the point to make her feel better. Good news everything is on the up and up... or should I say down and down!!! HA HA!!!

Charlotte is doing great! She was 9.5 lbs 20 inches, her doctor said she was perfect! I of course responded... thanks I know!! She is a little butterball as I said above and is just filling right out.

Mommy is also doing remarkably better. In fact I see my doctor next week for the final send off! I will try to update more often hopefully we will all finally get into a better schedule. Chris and I are adjusting slowly to our much reduced sleep time we both average 4 hours right now.... but to see those girls smiling and a very VERY large cup of coffee always does the trick!

PS I also wanted to say YEAH to Reba and her family! She was also with Project Oz brought her daughter home the August before Lily came home. They just found out that they were approved by PGN for their son Joshua! He should be home very soon!!!