Sunday, June 29, 2008

The mouths of babes

This morning we made it to Church! It is a miracle when we can not only make it to service but on time! It was a close call today but we did.

With it being summer time there isn't Nursery for the girls. We make sure that we being tons of things for them to play/chew on. Charlotte should have napped (notice the should:-). She loves to people watch. When we are in a store and she is in cart, she will try to turn herself almost totally around to see the people around her. Lily likes the singing and knows that we are going to see/talk to Jesus.

When we were driving over Lily is in the back seat saying 'rd jew Jesus rd jew?' (translation Where are you Jesus?). Once we get there she gets so excited and points to our Church and saying 'Jesus, Hi Jesus!!' - Beyond cute right?

Oh it gets better!

Charlotte was hot and apparently I had accidentally put on her crabby pants, Chris even took her out at one point to try to rock her down. She was just not going to sleep, we just kept her as happy we could.

The Episcopal service follows very closely to a Catholic. We have the Lessons and Gospel, Sermon and we offer peace to each other. When the girl's aren't in Nursery people are on us like white on rice, not too see us, to see the girls! Which we love, Lily isn't always as sure. Today she offered her little hand right up to some people. When it was time for Communion Chris had Charlotte and Lily and I walked up and kneeled at the alter. Normally Lily stands on the kneeler, but today she must have wanted the entire experience! She kneeled in between Chris and I. I leaned over and showed her how to cup her hands, she is so short and with kneeling she ended up with her hands over her head. She was sooo cute.

Charlotte slept through the end of her Baptism so she didn't receive Communion. Today she was and had her first Communion in her Daddy's arms. She did well with it. Honestly, it was something edible coming at her...she was all over it! :-)

Once we got back to the pew she and I kneeled again and I showed her how to fold her hands and said say thank you Jesus. To hear her little voice say sweetly 'Thank you Jesus' with her little hands folded. It was something I hope I never forget.

When it was time to sing everyone was standing, it took us an extra second (that is one of the MANY reasons why we sit in the back ;-) Lily sees everyone standing and begins to yell very urgently "up guys up!!!" Chris and I were giggling so hard we couldn't even sing. It caught us off guard!

After the recessional Chris and I always give each other the 'We made it through another one' look! We got back to the car and as we were pulling off and Lily yells out 'bye Jesus see you soon!'

We get home and took the girls out to the pool and had a nice quiet evening. Right before bedtime Lily walks over to me takes my finger and says "Peace" then walked over to Chris and did the same thing!!!! Then she just wandered off... Chris looked at me and asked if we had been practicing this. I hadn't at all, the closest was us singing "Jesus Loves Me" in the tub. She calls it her 'Jesus' song.

We didn't say anything to her. A few minutes later she came back and did it again. This time she went through the kitchen and Peaced everything in there!!!

At bedtime Chris and I split up. He gave Charlotte her bottle and I read to Lily. When Charlotte was asleep he took her in. Lily isn't normally asleep before he comes in with, this time was no different. He came around the corner beet red. He said that when he told Lily good-night, her response was 'Nite Daddy,dreams, id U Peace' Translation- good night Daddy, sweet dreams, I love you, peace. :-)

Mommy Time

This weekend we purged! We have so much stuff. Some of which we haven't seen in quite some time. Saturday morning we got to work sorting out everything. We also went through the girls' toys as well. Lily was actually ok with giving some of her things to 'other princesses'! I thought we would have a battle, but thankfully nothing of the sorts. We also downsized a lot of Charlotte's baby things bouncy seats, bumbo etc. Things that haven't seen touched in months. We bagged it up and I took over the Salvation Army.

When we were bagging it up Chris and I were talking and it was decided that I would take it over and then I could have Mommy time. WAHOO!! Momma needed a minute!! I was dressed and gone faster then you could blink! After I dropped off the donation I wandered over to BabiesRus. I love this store. We wanted to find something to deter Miss Lily from opening the dresser drawers in their room when she should be napping. There have been MANY afternoons lately that I have gone in there to wake her up to find that she was never asleep, and everyone of her babies in her bed have on Charlotte clothes! Funny she doesn't really bother with her own! Well of course I had to cruise through the clothes. It is an addiction...

My name is Megan and I love little girl clothes!

I can't help it. Don't get me wrong.. I also LOVE to find a good deal. So they each got a new outfit (head down in shame), Chris just shakes his head. It was a great deal though... especially being BabiesRus, oh and I got a bib for Charlotte's Birthday. I didn't find the locks...ok ok I admit it I forgot to look for them. Don't tell Chris.. but I totally forgot about them until I was back in the car LEAVING the parking lot! ROFL opps!

I left there I ran into the party store to check out things for Charlotte's birthday. We have decided on a theme and I am starting to look for different ideas on how to make it special. Nothing too inspiring there...

Then I went and did something rare... something just for me. There was no sharing just 45 mins of pure Megan time. I cut off my hair (yikes!!). I am not someone ruled by their hair, but I do like it to look nice. Lately I have been reduced to wearing one of Lil's Cookie Monster hair ties! Every morning it was the same routine, get up and pull into pony tail. My hormones from having Charlotte didn't kick out like a normal person's (shocking) and I was able to keep my Prego hair for a long time. I lost some around 4 months, and it was cut then. That helped a lot, but recently it started all over again, time to cut it off! I think it was about 5 inches. Chris did not want me to cut it too short. When I called to tell him it was done, that was his first question!

When I got home and he got too see it he LOVED it! Me too! It is different but not too crazy. She did a great job... it is a longer Kate from Jon and Kate plus 8. Shorter in the back and longer front, so I can still pull a small pony up on top. Lily loves to touch it!

Now I was gone about 4 hours in total. Oh has been a while since Chris was left with the girls for a length of time alone. He did a great job, but those girls worked him over!! He has been wanting to find a way to work from home because he does miss us during the day. I always laugh and tell him he has no clue what it is REALLY like for the 11-12 hours he is gone a day. But he WAS insistent, notice I wrote WAS. I think that tomorrow we will see the smoke from him running out of the house!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Crayons go up one drawer higher!

I waited a few days before posting this, because we wanted to be sure. But we are sure!!!

Charlotte is CRAWLING!!! AND SHE IS GOOD AT IT!!! It was overnight!!

She has been doing the army crawl thing for a few weeks, getting faster each day. Then yesterday she got on all fours and TOOK OFF!! LOL Twice today I left the living room while she was playing and I jumped when I turn around because there she was! Smiling that beautiful toothless smile!

This is sooo exciting! We are going to be baby proofing this weekend. It is already mostly done, for Lily, but she won't eat play dough, magnets, etc so we will removing all of the itty bitty things.

It was just last month, that we were really starting to worry because she still wasn't rolling from her back to belly. Then one day she just did it, and she hasn't looked back. Chris and I are so thankful that our worry was for nothing.

We have a great video that I am going to try to get up here, probably tomorrow. Oh, and if anybody has any great tricks for helping knee rubbing please pass them on. Her little knees are already pink.

She is growing so fast, 9 months next week!



This week's theme is Summer Lovin! Enjoy!!

Chris and Lily on Elmo's Flyin Fish!

Doesn't she look like a 'Don'! I am waiting for her to 'Make me an offer'!! LOL

Remember the show Friends?
'How you doin?!'

Ok so this was inside.. I still love it!

Splashing in the pool!
First dip of the season!

If you want to see more FFF fun go to

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who's your Daddy?!

Not too long ago there was a discussion on the POZ board (fellow Project OZ parents) on the topic of being approached in public and questioned about how different our children look from us. We have never been asked but I always tell people. I think it is very special how Chris and I had our babies. Well today was the day..

I took the girls to the store way later in the day then I normally do. I hate to make Chris stop on his way home and we needed something that could not wait until tomorrow. The girls and I go out all the time now, and we normally do very well. Today though Lily...sigh.... my Lily sigh... she was being very....two. At one point there was a battle over re-fried beans... it was just not a good trip. So I was happy to be in the check out line with only a few things.

The checkout lady was making all over Charlotte and then she saw Lily. She asked Lily if I was her Mommy. She was being very friendly saying very sweetly "is that your Mommy?" Lily was tugging at my shorts and told her "Mommy is" -There Mommy is. The check out lady asked Lily her name and Lily responded the normal "anna henry" She only says this when you ask her to say her name otherwise she identifies herself as "illys". So I translate for her. The check out lady goes onto tell Lily she has very pretty brown eyes. Then, she says it..

Her: 'They must have two Daddy's'
Me: 'Nope, same one'
Her: 'Really?'
Me: 'Yup'
Her:'They couldn't they look so different'
Me: 'yup they do'
Her:(Just looks at me)
Me: 'She was born in Guatemala'
Her: 'That shouldn't make a differ...' She stopped herself, and turned a little pink. She understood
Me: Standing there making sure she didn't say anything stupid...and after the experience in the store it wasn't going to take much for me to throw down!
Her: 'Well that just makes her even more beautiful.. she was chosen'
Me: I proceed to tell our story :-)

Believe me she was being very kind albeit a little intrusive. There was never a snarkyness behind her voice.

When Chris and I were going through the homestudy process we had to take online classes. I remembered very clearly the one segment that dealt with this topic. I picked the defensive response at the time. I think the question was "Are they your real children?" and I of course picked the answer that was something like "Nope they are fake!" Right after I picked that a rather large red box came up explaining why that wasn't the best route to take! Can you believe that?! Me not say the appropriate thing? :-0 I know shocking!! ;-)

At least this time I got it right!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary Megan

I have never posted on this blog before, leaving the story writing to my better half. But today is a special day and I felt it only proper for me to write and talk about this woman I love (that and I don't even have card for her yet, but don't tell her) :)

Megan and I have been married for 8 years today. I can't believe it's that long already. We have been though a lot over the years and to say our life is perfect is just a tale of fiction. From listening to the street hoping the truck coming down was for the trash and not the car, to boarding a plane flying to another country and bring our beautiful Lily home. From going twice a week to the doctors for a battery of tests for our pregnancy, to seeing Megan rip her taped down arm off of a operating table to touch our sweet Charlotte's face for the first time. Hateful and regrettable things have been said in the past, doors ripped off, and the occasional bagel ballistic missile thrown. But there have also been countless laughs and memories as well. From watching her walk down the aisle to me on our wedding day to working 30+ hours in the kitchen sink grouting a rock wall in place for our adoption home study. Through it all there is no other person in this whole world I would rather share this wonderful crazy life with. She has been there for me more that than even she knows. I truly believe that I am the man and father I am today because of her. I have seen her transform from a young bride to the greatest mother and wife we could ever hope for. I am truly blessed and honored to be married to this incredible woman, my soulmate, and I will love her all my heart for the rest of our years together. Happy Anniversary Cutie.

Love Always,


...And we're still together!

Today marks eight years that Chris and I have been married! Wow, eight years, time does fly, doesn't it?

To write and reflect on this year it wouldn't be honest of me to say it has been an easy one. There have been lots of highs and a fair share of lows. To leave out the bad in order to portray a picture perfect marriage is an insult to us. I think that it is good that we do not always agree. We try to work together as a team and get through it.

We had a conversation a few weeks ago after a long week of lows and we came to the conclusion that this year was exactly like our first year of marriage. We had to figure each other out again. The man that I married was now a Daddy, and I a Mommy. While our girls are a dream realized, there are many parts we were not ready for. It has taken us sometime to figure it all out, and we are as I am sure we will always be, learning from our mistakes.

Even though this year has been a rocky one I can still say with a full heart that I am proud of our marriage, and I am proud to be Chris's wife. He is patient and kind, and understanding that some days the house isn't going to clean when we gets home :-) My hope is that we continue to love each other the way we do today forever.

I mean really... who can't love a guy who dances silly with his 2 year old Daughter while changing a diaper on the other!

It is an inside joke between us to look at the other when we have done/said something silly that the other may not like and say '...And were still together!!' So Chris Happy Anniversary, we are still together, still happy, and still in love!

I love you,


Monday, June 23, 2008

Back home

We're back :*( I don't think any of us wanted to leave this morning. Funny thing is that is only took a little over 2 hours to get home! The traffic was just that bad on Friday! Lily did well with saying good-bye to the hotel and she told Elmo that she would 'see you next summer!' The cute factor was off the charts this weekend!

We were home by 11 or so this morning. Charlotte just wanted a bottle and her crib! She napped for over 2 hours. She (Chris and I) didn't sleep well at all last night. Her teething is out of control. She looks so rough right now, her little gums are all swollen and red. If her 2 front ones would drop already, (they have broken through) I know that it would make her feel so much better. Right now all you can see are her 2 Eye teeth(?) so we have been calling her fang. Total term of endearment! ;-) The best we can do right now is keep up with the Motrin and keep frozen apples in her feeder bag.

The rest of tonight we will be unpacking and getting order back into the house. Chris and I are already discussing our adventure for next year. Until then we know Lily won't let us forget about Elmo!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Going out with a bang!

Before I even start about our day today I have to say that Lily slept for 12 straight hours last night!! She thankfully woke up in a great mood! Ok on with the day!

Today was equally as fantastic as yesterday! In some ways it was better. The weather was a little iffy in the morning and they did shut all the rides down for about an hour or so, but then the sun came out and all was good! We did decide this morning that we wanted to try and change our character reservations from dinner to lunch. After seeing how tried the girls were at 3pm yesterday we knew it was not going to be feasible to shoot for 530. When we got to the park they changed it w/out a problem.

After we got through with costumer service we set out to take it a little slower then yesterday. Lily rode a few rides and played in the play area until lunch which was at 1230. This is where our day really started! OMG! It was even BETTER then breakfast yesterday. Not only was the food great, the characters all did songs! Our table was right in the middle! Lily was up dancing like a crazy woman! She LOVED it! Charlotte even got into it. Charlotte was really teething hard this morning, but by the afternoon she was feeling a little better.

We were at lunch until about 130. We then got our hands stamped and we went back to the van to change the girls into their bathing suits and gather ours. Then it was off to the wading pool. Charlotte took a much needed nap while Lily and Chris stomped around the pool. He and I traded back and forth. Once Charlotte woke up she really wasn't in the mood to swim, we tried a couple of times but she really wasn't having it. After a while and with the promise again of ice cream we left the pool. We had our ice cream and I noticed that of all things we forgot to ride on the carousel.

Lily was sooo excited to go over, and we figured that we could finally take Charlotte on it as well. We get in line and when it was our turn the attendant told Chris that Charlotte had to have shoes on. Charlotte doesn't have shoes. They got out of line and Lily and I rode on it. When the ride was over I asked Lily if Charlotte could borrow her shoes, and like the great big sister she is, she let her. We put the shoes on her and Chris got back in line. The attendant gave Chris a huge smile and let them right on! So she got to have her first ride! Chris sat with her on a bench. He said she liked the wind blowing in her face! We made all over Lily for being such a good girl. Shoes a BIG thing for her so for her to share w/out even the slightest problem was really great.

As a treat for her being so nice about it we went back over to the Elmo's World show. It was just about to start. This time we knew right where to sit so she got the most out of it. Charlotte dozed back off right before it was about to start :-) We were about half way through the show and I felt warm wetness run down my leg. It was then that I remembered that we had left on their water diapers oops! Quick wipe and burp cloth put over the knee fixed that problem! After the show we told Lily that it was time to go, and she started her good-byes. 'Dood-ye Elmo, dood-ye cookie...' She also waved from her stroller. I don't know what is going to happen when we don't go back tomorrow! We didn't leave the park tonight until 600! The girls got home got a quick bath and went to sleep faster then you could blink!

We couldn't have asked for a better first family vacation! There are so many little moments that I know Chris and I will cherish so a long time.

Today we only took 140 pictures today here are some! Tomorrow I am going to post a video!

Lily with Doris (Dorothy) Elmo's fish

Daddy and Rdette FINALLY A SMILE!!!
Cookie Monster Ice Cream
Daddy and his girls in the pool
The girls and Cookie
Rdette and Bert - she really wasn't feeling the love here!
Lily and Elmo!!
Lily and Bert
Lily and Abby
This was one of the things we did while the rides were shut down.

She made it all the way to the top!
It was really tall!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


This is like toddler heaven! We are hooked, lifetime costumers! Chris and I both agree that our day today ranked in the top 5 of our best days ever! We took over 160 pictures! The girls had a BLAST (we had a great time too!) To put it into better terms the girls we knocked out at 640 tonight!

This morning we got up and gave both girls a bath got dressed and out the door we went. Chris and I both had gotten everything together last night, so this morning went very smoothly. There was a small hiccup in the directions (there was a road closed) but we made it there, and didn't have to pay any tolls! :-)

As soon we got there Lily started... 'Elmo!!!' She knew and was extremely excited. We got through security with our contraband (bottled water, and snacks- we are such outlaws!). We then got right in line for Breakfast with Elmo and Friends! The building that this is in is so nice. We got to meet Elmo, Bert & Ernie, Zoe, and Big Bird! We got in line for Big Bird, and Bert & Ernie, then we got to our table and we got started with breakfast. Elmo had a long line so we waited until we were done eating. The great part is that while we were eating the characters would mingle. Ernie came back over and he and Lily were blowing kisses to each other. Bert also came over and gave high fives! It was so cool!

After we were done enough with breakfast we made a break for it over to Elmo. Oh my, it was like she saw Elvis! We all got to take a picture with him (of course we bought it!). We were headed back to our table and Zoe was there, so we stopped to see her, and she gave Big Bird hugs again! We finished our breakfast, and we were heading out and Lily wanted to see Elmo again. Chris took Charlotte out to get into the stroller and she and I headed back over for one more hug. She left blowing kisses and telling him she would 'see you later!'

We headed out into the park and found our way to Elmo's world. Chris and I took turns taking her on the rides. She was all smiles and laughs. Then we basically stumbled onto a small building, that had a large number of strollers outside of it, we took a closer look and it was a show for Elmo's World. It was like being at a taping of Elmo's World.

We headed for lunch after that. The kids lunch came in a Elmo head! After lunch it was time to go claim our spot for the parade! It was so nice, and we found a great shady place to sit. Cookie Monster gave Lily big hugs at one point.. she didn't like it at first but as he was moving on she waved and smiled ear to ear!

We hit the water park for just a few minutes, by this time it was about 400 and the girls were fading fast. So with promises of ice cream Lily said bye to the pool and we made our way out of the park for the day. Lily was so tired when we got back she had a huge temper tantrum. I think that it was just an overwhelming day. The best part for me is that during the day at odd times she would run over and give me kisses and hugs. She would also do that with Chris. We were putty!

Tomorrow we are headed back for one more day of fun. We are going to go over later in the morning. We have scheduled dinner there with Big Bird and Friends. We want to pace them better for that.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Broadcasting LIVE from the Comfort Inn!

So I wasn't going to bring along the laptop.... but we know we are going to be taking a VERY large amount of pictures. So this way it is a win-win for everyone!

We left the house today @ 1215 we didn't make it to the hotel until 530! OMG the traffic was out of this world! Chris and I are so naive when it comes to travel. We knew that we would have to pay the toll at the tunnel, we thought that would be it... oh no no no... we paid in total $11 in tolls! Delaware got us the minute we crossed over the line... we felt very used! There was no dinner, no candle light, just PAY UP! LOL

In the end we made it, the girls were all over the room. I think that they think that this is it! Although, when Lily saw a billboard for Sesame Place with Elmo she went NUTS in the car. There are also posters in the entry here at the hotel she kept petting Elmo, and saying he was soft! Charlotte is LOVING the big bed to hop on. She is also liking the drawer handles!

Well we are off to turn in early LONG but fun day ahead of us! I can't wait for her to 'meet' Elmo!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Little BIG girl!!

This is how we found Charlotte in her crib today!!!

Our new favorite picture!

Look at me standing!

Pulled up all by herself!

Hopefully we have a while before the climbing starts!

Na Na nana Na Na nana...

We are just about packed up and ready to go to see Elmo!! Wahoo!! Lily has been crazy excited. Each night she goes to bed and asks "Elmo, morrow?" Santa brought her an Elmo stuffed animal for Christmas that she has been carrying all over the house. Today she even dressed him in one of her princess dresses! Complete with shoes, and bloomers! She has also been singing the Elmo song non-stop. I also have finally gotten great video of her doing this.. also below.

Tomorrow we have running around to do to finish up. My sister and her boyfriend are going to come to house/puppysit for us. Which is nice for the dogs. I have had to swear to her that there have been no more bat problems! And, yes thankfully Bruce has found a new place to live. I am still holding my breath as I turn in lights in the house at night!

As far as packing up, let's just say I am happy it is only for a few days we are going. Four people need a lot of things for just a few days. Chris and I are simple, couple shirts/shorts, underwear and we are pretty much set. The girls, well, I like to be prepared. Charlotte has been doing better again with the spit up since she has been feeling better, but you never know. I take more outfits that fall into the category of 'just in case' then anything else. Lily is older and normally can be in one outfit for the day, but there again we are going to be 2 1/2 hours from home so - better safe then sorry. Long story short 90% of what the own is now packed! FOR TWO DAYS!! :-)
Beyond the clothes, they have a lot of stuff! Bottles, toys, diapers you name it. I have found the best way not to forget anything is to think of a normal day. I start at wake-up and follow it through to bed. That really makes it easier.

My goal is to have everything done tomorrow before Chris gets home. That way Friday morning can be smooth and easy.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Day Daddy!

I have sat and stared at the screen for a while now. It is not because I have nothing nice to say... it is quite the opposite. There are so great things.

Chris is the Daddy every little girl should have. He is patient and loving, kind and strong. Best yet, he isn't afraid to wear a crown, if the occasion calls for it.

He has shoulders strong enough for me to lean on, yet gentle to put his girls to sleep on.

He doesn't mind when Lily wants to 'help'. Even if that means it makes the job twice as long. :-)

He LOVES to change diapers!

I know that this may be a little silly, but that is how Chris is. I couldn't have asked for a better partner to walk this journey with, and I could have never ever asked for a better Daddy for our girls. We have been together for 13 years soon married for 8, we grew into adults together. I know for a fact that nothing has brought him more joy then being a Daddy.