Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the Mend

So I am hopeful tonight. Rdette went to bed tonight with the most food in her tummy then she has in 3 days. So far so good. She ate about a half bowl of soup for dinner. She wanted more and let us know that loudly. Tomorrow, if all goes well tonight, we will increase again.

She did have 3 wet diapers, but no more diarrhea. We really are letting ourselves think that we might be out of the woods.

Lily is being watched like a hawk. So far no signs of anything. Every time we ask how her tummy feels she tells us "good, it only hurt a tiny bit." We know that there isn't anything to that though, Lily has figured it out, Rdette gets to eat Jello for breakfast! Smart kid!!

This past weekend we were supposed to host a Christmas Party for my side of the family. It has been postponed until this Saturday, and then on Sunday we are hosting Chris's family. So it is going to be a fun filled weekend for sure! We were going to take the girls to see the Lights on the Bay tonight, but we decided that we would give Rdette a few more days grounded at home. We are planning on doing that now on Friday night. As a lead in to a great weekend of family and fun!

Lily is bordering on Santa overload. She and Chris were on a mission this afternoon in Wal-Mart and ran right into their Santa. Chris said she glazed over! Then asked Chris to go back to tell Santa 'don't forget me presents'.

This year is a lot of fun Lily understands it now. Her favorite Christmas song is Jingle Bells. She runs through the house singing it. She knows that we leave cookies and milk out for Santa and a carrot for reindeer. We have also been working with her understanding the concept of giving. She is catching on because when she plays she will wrap a toy up in blanket and bring to one of us as a present. Today while they were out Chris let Lily pick out a small gift to give to Rdette on Christmas. She picked a Rdette sized ball. It is really cute.

When they got home Lily proudly showed me what she had picked. I told her to put it on my bed and that we would wrap it later. When Rdette got up from her nap she was still very excited about it and ran into our room and brought it in to show Rdette! Chris redirected her back out of the room and again told her that it was a surprise!

The next week and a half is going to be great!


Anonymous said...

I am glad that Rdette is doing so much better. Poor little girl! Have a wonderful Christmas with your extended families and the girls. Santa time is so wonderful when you have little ones to share it with.