Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas Day Part 1

Was a blast!

Our fun started on Tuesday night. After dinner we got the girls jammies on and headed to see The Lights on The Bay. Chris and I used to do this every year and couldn't wait for them to see them! It was just great every two seconds Lily was yelling "guys turn round look, Santa!" or "look what tis it?" This was asked about a crab that she immediately associated with SpongeBob, which made her VERY happy! They also have some of the scenes set to 'jump' over the cars. So we would pull up right under it and she would watch it through the sun roof. Her little mouth couldn't have dropped anymore open if she tried! Miss C seemed to like it as well she would just stare and squeal out every so often. On the way home Rdette did however make it quite clear that she was done with the whole experience!

On Wednesday morning Chris had a project to work on with Lily. He wanted Rdette to be part of it but after finding out that it included painting something, it was quickly decided that she needed to go out for a little bit! So she and I headed to the store. Once we got home and had lunch, and naps. While Rdette was napping (Lily basically rests on our bed) Chris and I headed upstairs to finish up the last few things for Santa. We had gone round and round as to what to put in the girls' stockings. We finally rested on a small sampling of the different snacks and they both needed a new tooth brush.

While we were getting these couple of things we kept hearing a strange banging sound coming from the downstairs. Chris set out to check it out. To go back a little we do keep a baby monitor up there so I could hear quite clearly as Chris opened our bedroom door. Lily had decided to become a monkey and was hanging from our poster bed and the wall! All I could hear was Chris "what in the hell are you doing?!" We do not curse at them ever. Around them we do try to limit but we are human and sometimes the filter doesn't always turn on! So to hear him say this made me pay attention! When he came back up stairs he said it scared him because when we walked in the bed was empty.

Soon after all that drama naps were over and we got started on making cookies for Santa. Momma got smart and bought toddler friendly just add an egg, and mix cookies! I highly recommend these! It was fun to make, and the mess was minimal. Lily is at the age that she doesn't really care how we get to the end as long as there are cookies! WORKS FOR ME! LOL Rdette really could care less as long as she gets one!

It was sweet to listen to Lily talk about Santa. She asked Chris what his Christmas Wish was. He told her that his wish was to be home with us. She asked me next, I told her that it was for her and Rdette to share their toys, and not to scare Daddy back to work early! That earned me a "you a silly mommy" from Miss L! We then asked her what her wish was, she again answered what she has asked for since August, a Cinderella baby doll. Chris said later that it made his heart smile to hear her say that.

After a sticky dinner of pancakes (we are very non-traditional) the girls got in the bath. While I worked on removing the now concrete that was once a yummy pancake out of Rdette's hair, Chris got out the few things we were going to let them open. We decided that we would open our things from the girls. Lily and I painted a dish for Chris to hold change at work, and Chris and Lily painted a box and put recipe cards inside for me. Just what we wanted! We also let the girls open their gifts from each other. The only present Chris and I take credit for is the new PJ's everything else comes from the Big Red Man. So they got to open all that and put their new jammies on! Matching of course!

Saying Thank You to each other!

Soon after that it was time to get ready for Santa! Earlier in the morning we made Magic Reindeer food to sprinkle in the yard. Out we went... We let Lily stand on the pavement and toss it into the yard (it is a mixture of dry oatmeal and glitter) she even let Rdette have a turn! Then Lily requested that we give a little to our reindeer in the yard so she sprinkled a little for him and a little for our blow up penguin! Then we came in and got out our Special Santa Key (we don't have a chimney, he has to get in somehow!:-)

Rdette wanted the Key!


Lily putting the key on the door

Daddy explaining about the Key

Then it was time to get the cookies and milk together. Who knew the fun a 14 month old would be with this! Oh my! Well Lily the ever ready helper girl wanted to help with each step. She picked out which two cookies, and thought that 2 carrots would be good for Rudolph. Then held the cup for the milk. Then, Mommy and Daddy pushed it a little far!!! We wanted to have pictures of Rdette as well. I'll let the pictures tell the story..... LOL

Picking the best one...

Head in the carrot bag!

Found just the right one!

Sweet right?? HeeHee!! Watch Rdette!
First she tries to eat the carrot then...


It was great and she was quick!! She ran into the hallway laughing her tail off and then she took a bite took! Lily was quite offended that she didn't get to have a bite too!! After that it was time for a long winter's nap!

For a few nights Rdette has been having problems getting and staying asleep. We were worried that it would be a problem again on Christmas Eve, but thankfully they both hit their bed sleeping! Then Santa got to work!


Kathy and Paul said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. And the pjs look very familiar - must have been the only Christmas ones available this year! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your key idea, I am going to have to start that one with the boys. We told AJ that since Grandpa was sleeping on the hide a couch in the living room that he would let him in.

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas, its so wonderful seeing it thru their eyes.