Thursday, July 23, 2009

PLEASE PINCH ME!!! Disney Update....

This afternoon I was checking my email during nap time. I was going through deleting all the spam mails, and I got to one that I did a double take on. It was on of those emails that you ask yourself 'do I chance this being a virus filled email and open it or not.?' I didn't, but I didn't delete it either. I left it and once I was done clearing all the adds for 'extending this and tucking that'. I went back and looked at it again. Hmmm?

I am sure by the title it is obvious that I opened it...

It was from Disney! It was informing me that we had been upgraded.... AND we could pick from either Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa OR Old Key West. Both of these are deluxe villa's. The offer was for a studio villa. All I could think was ok yeah right suuuurrreee. I thought for sure this was just another email from a travel agency. But then I looked at the phone number, it was the same first six of the normal Disney numbers. Chris and I talked and we decided to call in about it.

Now let me back up a little. Chris and I had a nice long talk about Disney and WHO this trip was really for (nooo, not us!!)... the girls. They won't care where we stay. At the end of that very nice talk (it really was!) I called and moved us back to Pop for good. We both were at peace with this and had NO intention of making anymore changes.

Where did I leave off... ok we were calling in. In the meantime, just in case this was for real we started researching both resorts. We had never ever given them a second glance as they are way WAY out of our price range. After about 10 minutes on hold Chris got through. He told the CM what the email said and gave him the PIN number we were given. He looked us up and IT WAS FOR REAL!!!! We were allowed to choose between the two. Just on the general lay out we picked Saratoga Springs.

Ready for the best part?!?!?! We got an upgrade on the upgrade, he put us in a one bedroom villa! ! ! We asked if we had to give up anything for this and we were assured that we kept everything the same including the FREE DINING!!! In fact at the end of the phone call Disney ended up owing us money! Apparently the Disney property sits between two counties, one has higher taxes then the other! We got $3.00 BACK!!

Here is how the numbers for this work out: This is unbelievable!!

8day/7night stay at Saratoga Springs
free dining
7 Day Hopper tickets

Drumrolll please......

$1793.00 -I rounded up because I forgot the exact change!

The same package full price is well over $5000!!!

Holy Crap right?!?! Chris and I have been in a state of shock since 1pm. Lily was so excited by how excited we were she thought we were going there right after nap!! I think it is going to take a few days for this to sink in fully.

Ohhh after we hung up and sat looking at each other, I asked Chris if he asked for them to send an email he couldn't remember. So we called back, on the number that we have used for other questions in the past. I guess we thought this would be the way to make sure it was really for real! Chris talked to another CM who did confirm the changes and sent the email for us.

Later I checked the Disney board I stalk, oops I mean follow! It turns out we were one of many who also got these PINS! The CM we talked to said it was due to overbooking at the values. I just checked to see if our week was sold out and it wasn't. I don't know nor care! I know for sure we are good to go for an unbelievable vacation!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

For Grandpa

15 new photos... 5 minutes to upload, 2 new videos in one.... 10 minutes, Making a good Granpa smile... priceless!

So today while Chris was talking to his Dad on the phone he gently reminded us that we have not had a good picture update in a while. Ok, Ok I have been a little lax I admit.... so Grandpa these are for you!! :-) We love you and will see you really soon!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back to Normal Soon!

We are ok and doing well. Things were a little crazy last week. Chris had a trip for work and the girls and I went to my parents for the week. Then Lily stayed behind this week to enjoy a 'big girl' vacation with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop! This Friday we are meeting up again with my parents. Charlotte will join the party in Va until Monday when I go to collect all of our babies! WHEW!!

I have tons to share, and lots of pictures to update.

A little teaser...

Miss. Charlotte is saying her name now, and she is singing the EIEIO of Old McDonald! It is more like IIIIIoooooooOOOOO! I am going to try and get both on video! It is sooo SUPER sweet!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Saturday in the Park

Well it was really a Zoo! But I had that song in my head...

It didn't matter where we were because we were surrounded by friends that we have 'known' for many years, Chris and I had never met any of the families. We are all joined by a strong common bond and have shared in some of the brightest and darkest days. It was like meeting old friends! I was talking to Chris about our day and how important it is for Lily to have ties to other children who have also been adopted. It was also nice for us because our family doesn't 'fit' the typical mold. We are the minority in many social settings, but on Saturday we were just one of the group. It was wonderful and I can't wait to do it again!

OK on to what you all really want... the pictures!! We took a TON!!

Lily and Rudy

Dog Pile!!!


Look at that smile!

Rudy, Jaidyn and Lily

Bubble Time!!

Kathy and Lily

Lily G and Jaidyn

Charlotte was eveyone's little sister!

Long day!

Charlotte didn't make it out of parking lot.