Monday, January 23, 2012

The Catch Up Post

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Love it because it is easy to keep up with everyone, but hate it because it is too easy. A sentence here or there and that is it, no real story of what is going on. So while the girls are enjoying a new Barbie movie courtesy of her birthday money I wanted to update this blog a little. Let's start with the two most important girls in my world......

Lilliana, My word has this child blossomed in Kindergarten! We have been truly blessed with an awesome teacher, who just thinks Lily is just as awesome! She is in the top tier reading group, each day she is reading more and more. She has loved books from the start, but now it is just grown! There is one really funny story from school that I have to write out so I never forget. It was the day Lily's behavior card went to yellow, (dun dun dunnnnn...)!

Her teacher didn't say anything at the fence when I picked her up, and we had a normal ride home. We got home and the girls took off to their room to change out of their school clothes and put their book bags up. I had to use the bathroom. All of a sudden I start hearing Lily screaming 'I'm not telling you! I'm not telling you!'  I opened the bathroom door and asked what in the world was going on. Charlotte appears to tell me that Lily has put herself in the closet and is crying. Insert more screaming from Lily.  I finished up in the bathroom and went to find her in her room. She was in fact in the closet and had worked herself up so far I couldn't understand a thing she was saying. I tried to get her out, but after a few minutes I thought maybe a little less attention would be just what she needed. So I told her I was going into the living room and would be there when she was ready to talk.

Meantime, Charlotte (AKA chatterbox) is talking constantly, and informing Lily and I again of everything I just said (sigh) . I head out of the room and into the living room, and pretended not to be interested. After a few minutes she finally made it out of the closet and into the hallway. Still saying over and over again that she wasn't going to tell me, I was going to be mad. Finally, after what seemed like forever she made her way into the living room and s l o w l y starts tell me her story. Did I ever mention Poose has a flare for the dramatics? Apparently, she and her learning centers partner had a hard time paying attention, and after a warning to be quieter, they both went to (gasp) yellow! She was heart broken that this had happened. We had a long talk and she was told to tell her teacher in the morning that she was sorry for not being a good listener.

After I picked her up from school the next day, her teacher apologized to me for completely forgetting she ever went to yellow, because she never does. I told her teacher what happened the afternoon before and we both tried not to giggle. Ms. M did say that she is almost glad she did go to yellow, because now Lily knows what it is like. She did say that Lily came right in and told her she was sorry.

A few days after this happened I asked her what color she was, she answered ' Mommy I was one green, I am never going back to yellow! I didn't like that at all!'

There are so many more stories, I really need to do this more again!!

Oh Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte. God knew we needed more laughter- never at her expense. This child is so hard to discipline. She is walking the line of baby and little girl. She is a smart cookie and knows when to pull which card on us! She is in part-time preschool, and LOVES it! How do I know she loves it... she runs into the building everyday and does not look back. Just recently she started writing her whole name. She can write just about all of her letters now. 

One her favorite things right now is make-up. She loves to do makeovers. No one is immune from a Charlotte makeover, Mommy, Daddy even the dog! She is just too much. They other day Chris forgot his lunch and I told him I would run it up to him while we were out, he walked up to the van and almost fell over. When I had gotten my shower that morning, I had forgotten to pay the extra attention needed to my right eyebrow. I had the Charlotte special makeover, meaning she got to use a little of my real stuff! While I had gotten most of the makeup off the night before I forgot all about my eyebrow. I looked like a crazy person! Thankfully Chris was our first stop!

Megan and Chris: We are in a good place. Chris is in his final semester! In May he will graduate with a bachelors degree in (let me see is I can get this right.) Global Business and Public Policy. I call it his World Domination Degree. He has decided to enter into the dual Masters program. Starting in the fall. I am super proud of him, he has worked so hard to get this done. May 12th is day he will walk across stage! This May/June all 3 of my loves are going to be graduates!

As for me I have been asked by a few people if I am going to journal about what is going on with me and the choice I made for myself.  It will not be in this blog. I do plan to start another, for just me. Look for that soon. I will probably put a link on this blog to that one. It won't be private. I have nothing to hide. I am done hiding, and ready to live!  


Reba said...

Oh, how I wish Lily would come teach my child something. He proudly tells me how many time outs he had in a given day. Sigh.

Glad to see you post again. I have missed you. :)

Your girls always make me smile...