Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Morning Rambling...

This spring will be a funtastic time in our house. All 3 of my loves will be graduates! And I, the eternal planner, have already begun stressing planning the festivities. But here is where my brain is stuck.... When Lily 'graduated' from pre-pre-school we invited the Grand and afterward we all went to dinner. Small and simple, more importantly she loved it. This past year when she really was a pre-school graduate we made a little more of a deal over it and invited the whole family, and had a little party here at our house afterward. Again pretty simple.

This year with all three of them having special graduations I want them all to feel as important as they are. I also do not want to overwhelm our families with non-stop parties/graduations. So far right now I was thinking of throwing one larger party for all three of them. I was thinking of doing it the weekend after Chris' graduation ( he graduates Mother's Day weekend) and then just inviting the family to each of the girls events. I found a really cute layout for an invitation for them. I know Chris does not mind sharing his spotlight at all with the girls, he actually prefers it. If we had a big party for the girls with no mention of him, he would love that- he's not big fan of people making over him. He has been put on notice that I fully heard him, and understand all of this. But, I am making a big out of this! :-)

I know it will all work out, and I also know that once I get the dates for things for me. I will relax some and then I can kick the planning into full gear.



Kathy said...

Send us an invite! :)