Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lily's Big Day!!

****I have a lot more pics, but for some reason I can't flip them. When Chris gets home I will have him look and add them then. ****

Today Lily started preschool! She did great and we held our breathe.

Here is a little insight on Miss Lily. When she gets anxious she talks a lot about Guatemala. A LOT. The more she talks about it the more anxious I know she is becoming. Yesterday, we talked about Guatemala ALL DAY. It started in the morning when I was in the bathroom, she came in (as normal) scooted her little self on the side of the tub and promptly informed me that she wanted to 'talk about Guatemala'. She followed that statement by letting me know that she 'didn't want to go there' and she was 'sad when we leave her there'. I reminded her that we only left because we HAD to but came back as soon as we could, and that she is home forever. I also reminded her that when she is older it is ok if she wants to go back to visit, but that her home was here. She just nodded and repeated that she didn't want to go.

I let it go, we always let her be the Captain of the Guatemala boat. But I knew there was something up. Through the day she was very snuggly. That isn't so normal as much anymore since she decided that she was 40 and would sit in Chris' seat when he isn't home. Remember she is a big girl! We even rested together and watched movie on my bed. I just went with it. Before bed last night there was more Guatemala chats and more reassurance was given that she was home forever. She did concede at one point and tell me that she would go but 'just one time for a little bit'. No problem.

At 530 this morning she wakes up screaming 'Don't leave me!!' over and over again. Chris went to get her and brought her into our bed. While he went to the bathroom I asked her if she was ok, she told me that she was sad because we left her in a store. :*( All 3 of us snuggled up until it was time to get up and ready for school.

She got up very excited, there wasn't anymore talk of Guatemala or being left anywhere. We went over who is allowed to to what to her. The whole, who touches your glasses, earring, Suzie talk. She was right on the ball and very excitedly told me that she will wipe her own butt in school- wouldn't that make any Momma proud!! LOL

We got Charlotte up and off we went! Taking a TON of pictures on the way! We got there a little early- when it only takes literally 2 minutes to get there that tends to happen! We let her get out and we all walked up to the door. It was still closed so we hung out and waited a while. I told her then when it was time to go in the big kids would come out and that Mommy, Daddy and Charlotte would all say good-bye and she would go in without us. Well wouldn't you know the next words out of her mouth were 'I don't want to go to there without you' I asked what she was talking about and if she meant school. She told me 'no Guatemala' sigh.... Rewind the tape. stop.start.

'Lily, baby, you can go to Guatemala whenever you want... when you are older. You aren't going today, and Guatemala isn't behind that door. Your school room is. Mommy and Charlotte will be here at lunchtime to come get you... I promise. ok?'

That seemed to be enough. The older kids came out about a minute later. We did as we told her and said a quick good-bye handed off her bag of supplies. We walked away. And like two big babies CHARLOTTE and I burst into tears! Charlotte kept saying 'WherD Lilu go? WherD Lilu?' Chris told her she was ok and then asked if she wanted to go get a donut... amazingly her crying just stopped. Then she asked Chris 'Momma K?'. We all got home and Chris left for work.

Charlotte and I headed over to the store. I think both she and I are going to need to figure out our new routine too.

Before we knew it was time to go get Lily! We headed back over and she came out smiling ear to ear! Her teacher said she did great and there was no problems at all! She hasn't said one more word about Guatemala or being left behind. Tomorrow she is having a Halloween Party. We are in charge of Napkins! But the looks of the list she is going to have a great party! They are supposed to wear their costumes. They will be trick or treating around the school (just the teachers!).

When we got in the car to come home she announced that she LOVED school and she couldn't wait to go back tomorrow! I asked if she knew the names of anyone or if she played with any of the other little girls, she told not the girls, the little boys (I think somewhere Chris just grabbed his chest! LOL). They class sang itsy bitsy spider, she got to paint, and played doctor. She had a great day!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Going to the Chapel...

On October 7 Chris' little sister Lizzie got married to a wonderful guy named Jeff. It was a beautiful ceremony on Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. Here are pictures from the day! Enjoy... I do apologize the pics are all out of order thanks to blogger.

Lily and her new 'for real' (her words) Uncle Jeff!

Lizzie, Lily and Jeff

So happy!!

Lily and Grandpa

Charlotte and Grandpa

Lizzie, Charlotte, Jeff, and Lily

Charlotte and Grandpa

Lily and Grandpa

Sweet Charlotte- putting sand in her flower basket!

Sassy Charlotte!

Charlotte and Jeff

Lily building a sand castle

Grandma and Grandpa

Junior bridesmaids and the flower girls- soooo cute!!

our baby

Our two beautiful girls

The new Mr. and Mrs!

Sealed with a kiss!

The Sand Ceremony

Grandma and Grandpa

Charlotte fell asleep right after she completed her flower girl duties! Thank God for that answered prayer- all I asked for was for her to be still, I'll take a quick nap anytime!!

WIDE awake at the reception!

So beautiful!

Our baby (shh don't tell her that she would have a fit!- she is a big girl you know!!)

I think this is a repeat but I am gonna leave it, because it is my blog and I love this picture of them!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!


Gracie Lou Freebush AKA Gracie!

She is a 9 week old Beagle! She came home on Friday. We went to visit with her the Sunday before last in the afternoon and met her Momma and Daddy. We asked if the owners would be willing to let us pay a deposit and pick her up after the wedding. They were agreeable to that. It turned out to be a good that we had that week in between. We had time to talk more to the girls about her coming home. Something we weren't expecting was the tears from Lily off and on this week about Beanie. She has talked about him more this week then ever before. We are all adjusting well. You do really forget that having a puppy is very close to having a new baby. With Chris being on a work trip this week it's been fun!! ;-)

She and Gus have been getting along ok. Gus is a shy guy and not at all Alpha-Dog material. We knew when we started thinking about a new friend that we needed to have one that wouldn't come in and rule the roost. So far it looks like we hit it right on the head!

Welcome to our family Sweet Gracie!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Charlotte!!

Dear Charlotte,

Wow, is all I can say! I cannot believe you are two years old already!! This year you have just blossomed into a beautiful little girl. Not much baby Charlotte left. While this makes your Daddy and I sad, we are also feel so happy and blessed that we are able to watch you grow each day. I love to watch you learn something new. My favorite memory of you this year would have to be the day that you discovered the fly in the window. You and I must have sat there for an hour 'talking' all about that little fly. You were just amazed by it. I found that beauty can take form in a little house fly that only little ones take the time to really notice. As I sit here and think back to the days leading up to and your birth I realize that we may not have understood the timing with everything but someone knew that we would be missing a little burst of sunshine. That is why we were given the gift of you. You bring so much joy and happiness into our little house. I don't Lily thinks it is so joyous when you playfully take her favorite toy and take off running squealing with laughter. But, you two love each other so much that alone makes your Daddy and I the happiest. In years to come I hope that you never loose the way that you love. You give it your all, just like you do all things. Whether it is wrestling toys away from Lily, or giving big hugs and kisses to your 'babies' in your bed, or making sure you catch your kiss and put it on your face each night. Charlotte we love you so very much, you truly are an angel sent from heaven and we feel lucky to be your parents.

We love you as high as the sky and as deep as the ocean, and it will never end.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!


Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, October 1, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Happy Birthday to you…You work at a zoo…Charlotte laughs like a monkey…and Lily forgets to say “I pooed” Not the traditional version we have all grown to love, but we are not a traditional family. :)

Today marks the day that my beautiful wife was born. This blog has been to many of you a window into our lives, but sometimes the person who is responsible for this wonderful site goes unnoticed behind the curtains. Today Megan is your day. I wanted to let you and the whole world know how much we all love you. You bring so much happiness into our lives and we are truly blessed to call you “Mommy” and “Wife”. So for this one day Megan stand in front our window and let the whole world see just how special and magnificent you are.

Happy Birthday, Megan


Chris, Lily, and Charlotte