Monday, April 27, 2009

A New Day

Just last year the thought of taking both girls to the doctor had me on the edge. I knew someone (usually me) would be in tears before we made it home. I dreaded well visits. Today however was a lot different. Only Charlotte needed a well check so that in it's self made it a little more manageable. One in their diaper/panties wanting to to make a run for it is MORE then enough!

Let me back up a little. I think it is pretty common knowledge that our Ped has a problem with staying on time. After 2 years of visits I still love her despite this. I go in feeling a little like Gilligan and hoping for much less then a 3 hour tour. Normally it isn't that bad, but it has pushed it. I remain in love. She is a one woman show, we see her for all appointments, we talk to her (unless she is on vacation) in the middle of the night when there is need. She knows us and our kids. Even better she is good at what she does.

Back to the appointment....

What was sooo different about this appointment was that they girl entertained themselves! Don't get me wrong I don't mind one bit if they want to play with me or anything like that. Today though they just played together with the toys (I know how gross they are. I played with them growing up and survived!). I even got to look at a magazine! It was GREAT! They were happy and at peace and so was Mommy!

Finally it was our turn. Charlotte is up to 26.5 lbs and is 33 inches. She is in the 75% for Ht and Wt. Her head is a little bigger (she got Chris' head shape!) at 90% but still just fine! We are moving her off of whole milk- I was surprised by this, but she told me move them both over. We have kept Lily on it past 2 because she is still barley on the charts. She is completely healthy and can start a little potty training. Chris and I do not subscribe to the trained by two thing. We try, and try and try again until they get it. For Lily it took trying until just over 3 until she totally got it. Today we were out for 3 hours and never needed to go. She will train when she is ready. The good news is that she already signs if there is something going on!

Oh before the doctor came in.. that is ALWAYS a fun time trying to keep them entertained! Charlotte thought she needed a Well Woman check and not a Well Baby. She kept pulling out the stirrups on the exam table. I moved her away she went right back, and back and back... Then she moved onto the trash can again I moved her away and she went back, and back and back. Fun times. Thankfully we were trapped too long before the doctor came in!

We just keep on keeping on until Oct for her 2 year appointment- where did that time go!

As for Lily even though she didn't have an appointment I always get her weighed just to keep an eye on her. She topped the charts at 30.5! We broke through the 20's!! I also talked to the doctor about Lily's blocked tear duct she has had it since she came home. It seemed like it was getting better but then out of nowhere it has been running non-stop. Our next stop is the eye doctor to take a look at it.

In the end only Charlotte shed a few tears when she got her shots and that was quickly stopped. We even made a stop at Wally World! 2 Trips in one day! It is A New Day indeed!


Leslie said...

YOU reminded me abby is due!!! oh fun fun! lol

My older 3 kids were around 3 when they were trained!!! its when they are ready thats for sure!


Anonymous said...

Thats okay Megan we thought you were going to be still holding on to your bottle as you walked down the aisle on your wedding day. POTTY TRAINING WAS A SNAP! Different strokes for different little folks!

Reba said...

We really need to make our 2 year appt for Joshua and the "kindergarten" appt for Maria. I had someone ask me not long ago about whether Joshua was out of diapers yet. I just laughed. He is nowhere close to that. I have learned (like you) that they will do it when they are ready. And honestly I am in no hurry...I like being able to run around with stopping at every possible bathroom. :) I am glad the appointments went well.