Thursday, April 23, 2009


Thankfully this is a short week for Chris. Today is his last day at work for 3 full (warm) days! He will be home tonight and FINALLY be able to really be with the girls. This week has just been one of those weeks. He has been home while the girls were awake for a whopping 2 whole hours the whole week! Crazy, and I know he doesn't like it at all. Normally on school nights (Mon/Wed) he is home for at least a few minutes before the girls go to bed. Last night he had a test and was late getting home. I heard him coming in the door as I was putting them down. As for Monday he was on the side of the road kicking his car in the rain waiting for a tow!

The great news in all of this is that Chris Aced (96%) another test! He is 3 short weeks away from ending his Community College career and is on track for a 4.0 semester!! He will have brake of about 2 weeks before the summer semester and UMUC starts. I think that he has decided to walk across stage for his Diploma in May. I think he should and take in what he really accomplished this semester. I think it is amazing that he went to school, did as well as he has done, worked full-time at a fast paced job, was the sole financial support for our family, and still found time to be a great Hubby and Daddy! The girls and I are very proud of him! Can you tell? :-)

Tonight we are having family night. We are going to have a picnic dinner on our living room floor. Lily thought that was a grand idea! She likes to play picnic with her play food and baby dolls. Charlotte is still being picky about what food she will eat on what day. Right now she will only eat food shaped like a hot dog or a chicken nugget. Unless I hid the veggies in something else you can forget-about-it! As for the picnic, Lily thinks it is a surprise for Chris, I did clue Chris in on it last night so he doesn't think I have totally lost it! I think it will be fun and it is a bath night so messy is OK tonight!!


Leslie said...

Congrats to Chris and have a GREAT weekend!


Reba said...

Congrats to Chris! Very impressive! I do think it is good for him to walk...for him and for the girls. I think it is good for them to see that (whether they actually go or not) to know how important education is as well as hard work! I hope you have a very fun picnic. I love doing stuff like that!